lew mearns

About Me About Me I lived in Banff for 5 years and Hawaii 2 years in my 20's. Lived in Whistler and Arizona in my 30's. Worked at Expo 86 at the Wave Night Club in Vancouver. Lived in Calgary and Lake Louise for the past 5 years. Went from ski bum to beach bum. Then from redneck to hi tech. Skied over 1500 days, surfed, bogie board and body surfed in Hawaii. Rode horse with a six shooter in the Arizona desert. Doing jeep tours, horseback rid-ing and cowboy cookouts. Showing the clients how to handle a gun and relive the wild wild west. Built a chuck wagon in Arizona. Travelled up the coastal highway to Whistler Canada. Just missed the riots in LA. Up and down the hills in San Francisco, earthquake in Eureka. Almost lost the whole works on the I (5) highway. After making it through the rough roads from the earthquake the chuck wagon popped of the hitch and came to rest against the spare tire on the jeep. Got quite a reception from the customs at the border. Built a tee pee on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler that could hold 50 people. We did sleigh rides to the tee pee where a cowboy entertained the guests with singing and rope tricks around the fire. THE Great Indian Cowboy Roundup! I do not have children and I do not smoke. I ski, golf, skate, play hockey, fish and enjoy horse back riding. I lived in my motor home in the Lake Louise park-ing lot in 1998 for 4 months. The temperature went to 40 below. I said if I live through this I am tough. I am still here. I was as a crane inspector for over 10 years in Oil and Gas. I have two pro-jects that are efforts to have a better planet for mankind and leave our world a better place for future generations May your horse never stumble your cinch never break stomach never grumble heart never ache About Me: I grew up in a loving family where my parents raised 3 boys and one sister. My Mother and father were strict but very forgiving and loving. I Graduated from High school and took one year of University PE Education. I changed ca-reer focus and attended Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I graduated with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. I have enjoyed working and living in Banff, Hawaii, Whistler, Arizona, Expo 86, Vancouver. The last 25 have been spent in Calgary. I have always enjoyed an active physical life with Hiking, skiing, golfing, riding and other activities. I am resilient and adaptable. Travel and experiencing other cultures has been a passion