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Education in the prairie republic

Practical as well as academic skills should be given equal status on the Prairie Republic curriculum.
Some studies have shown that children do not learn as well in the early morning. Consideration should
be given to a later shorter school day in early development.

Young children must be able to enjoy their youth and explore life experiences rather than be confined to
a classroom. A comprehensive history of the Prairie Republic and its sovereign rich history in the
context of the Prairie Republic, as sovereigns, and general world origins should also be properly
taught on the Prairie Republic curriculum and in all learning centers as part of the balanced teaching
of history. It is an act of neglect to not teach the full and inclusive history of a nation to its inhabitants,
and it is the responsibility of the sovereigns and the Prairie Republic to teach the heritage of a nation
to its children and young adults in a comprehensive, balanced and contextualized way. An open-minded
and inclusive take on the general history of the world must also be taught, with previously unmentioned
areas such as the effect which financial and corporate systems can have on the world being given proper

Basic business theory, lessons on how to manage basic finances and a basic understanding of taxes,
interest, and the economy should be made compulsory as part of the Prairie Republic curriculum,
and an explanation of how local and national Administration (Government) works must also be taught. It
is important that children understand the world immediately around them before they can understand a
world further away.

Healthy eating and good food, general well being and other basic life skills should also be taught. All
unhealthy sugary drinks and foods should be removed from school premises as well as all harmful
processed and additive filled foods where possible. Local food sourced from the surrounding local
authority area should be used wherever available.

Learning Centers (Schools) should be made the most of as community hubs and Technical Learning Centers for all the community where possible rather than just places for teaching children. Far more night-time
activities for the whole community should be hosted at Learning Centers, with sports equipment and
grounds being made available to the whole community after Learning Center hours.

The Prairie Republic English Language will be one of the core learning subjects up to the age of
fourteen and must be studied and taught within a general context of the sovereign history and the
Prairie Republic Nation. A language isn’t just a collection of words and should be taught within this
greater context to promote better awareness, understanding and enjoyment for all, from which our
children (students) can go on to study and enjoy it further if they so wish. The phonetic uniqueness of
the Prairie Republic is very relevant and useful in modern forms of communication, where the
sounds of the words and how they are actually written are very similar. This encourages better
understanding and appreciation when applied to any given language and is something that is especially
unique to the Prairie Republic English Language.

As with health in general, we believe that children, young adults and adults in general should be
discouraged from their increasing dependence on technology, television and the internet. Sovereigns
believe children under seven years old should be discouraged by their parents and learning centers from
any television and internet use. Studies have shown that all of these can hamper the brain and cognitive
developments of children, especially up to the age of seven. Recommended lessons based on the
internet should be banned for under seven years old and drastically limited from between the ages of
seven and fourteen, with children being able to go on and study information technology etc. further as a
chosen subject after the age of fourteen if they so wish. The Prairie Republic must be careful as a
nation not to allow its young children to become hypnotized and over reliant on technologies and virtual

The Prairie Republic Learning Centres and Technical Learning Centres.

Sovereign Forever.

Imagine That!

3 thoughts on “Education in the prairie republic”

    How about, no matter the temptation, WE no longer think or say, “WE ARE anxious,” “WE ARE hurt,” or “WE ARE angry.”
    Because each of these feelings are CHOICES, that can be unchosen, instead of reinforced.
    And WE will be amazed AT THE CHANGE, THE OUTCOME.
    At the end of the day, no matter how WE behaved, no matter what was said, and no matter how things turned out, rest assured, that OUR goodness IS known by all.
    Do WE ever wonder whether WE ARE on the right path?
    Do WE sometimes feel vulnerable in new relationships?
    Does certainty elude US when big decisions loom?
    All the legends who came before US also said, “YES!”
    If WE only knew, just how incredibly, wonderfully close WE already are to all that OUR HEARTS DESIRES.
    IMAGINE a true Republic with Natural Law
    [email protected]

    1. elizabeth seewalt

      yes our learning centres wonderful and open and honest
      we love our children and we love the parents
      we encourage all parents to be involved to come and watch and partake in all of the learning centres
      we are all about community interaction
      all about the constitution and natural law
      all about our true history
      these are just a few ideas for our learning centres
      sovereign forever
      imagine an instructional system with full accountability
      wonderful true republic
      sovereign forever
      imagine and create your future

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