Transition for Corporations/Businesses in the Current System

Example of transition in agriculture:

There have been number of farmers over the years that transitioned from working with toxic pesticides to becoming more diverse and focused on creating nutrient dense crops. They marketed their products through farmers markets/word of mouth etc. They created a nourishing business and were able to build success, while they were transitioning from their old way of operations. A Corporation or business could go through a similar process, choosing to provide products/services that are accountable to the livings systems on Earth and take steps towards that direction, while maintaining current functionality.

For a corporation that chooses to transition over to a sovereign business model it would be important for them to learn about natural sovereign law and what that process looks like for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It would also be important for them to read and see themselves as part of the Prairie Republic Constitution because it is the principles of this constitution that are innately within all of us. To uphold this constitution with one another and for one another will be the greatest creation of prosperity, that generations to come will benefit and nurture from this. During transition, no matter where you are coming from in business it is truth, accountability and keeping communication flowing, that will see us through the rocky mess of a road that corrupt government entities are trying desperately to continue pushing on all of us.

The actions of the men and women, the heart and passion of the corporation, or business will be known for the truth of what they provide or create during this transition. Unifying, in the common goal of sovereignty, we create the strongest most coherent structure of life and commerce right here right now creating and building together and as we create and build our new system, the old system dissolves completely.

When the Prairie Republic is ratified, there will be no need to have corporate structures in the Republic, as businesses will no longer need to protect themselves from corrupt corporate governments. They will be able to freely create profitable businesses following natural sovereign law: No Harm, No Fraud, No Loss.

Till that time may we consider the following as part of the process of transition:

Current Corporations/Businesses Transition

  • Affirm to uphold Parts 1-8 of the Prairie Republic Constitution
  • Natural Sovereign Law Guidelines/Instruction for businesses in the Prairie Republic
  • Provide transparency of the project or what your business or collaboration of businesses is about and how you are planning to proceed during this transition.
  • In all your actions be accountable to all the sovereigns and all living systems.
  • During the transition time the board within the corporation could choose to shift to an administration type structure, or an administrator from the current Prairie Republic Ombudsman Committee and an administrator from a committee that most closely resembles what the corporation is about example (food security committee) could be present at all meetings to ensure that what is being created/produced/provided is based on natural sovereign law and upholding the Prairie Republic Constitution.
  • A mediator could be available for the corporation and administrators to help with any communication disputes
  • An auditor could be available as well for checks and balances of the corporation as it functions during the transition period. 

Our Monetary System is backed by years of history, all the way back to the 17th century. 

MB is the economic engine to Turtle Island as is today for the Prairie Republic. 

We are building and restructuring the Monetary System for all Sovereigns in Trade & Barter, as well as in monetary trade with other nations and sovereigns developing their own monetary system. 

We have the unalienable right to develop our own monetary system given to us by our creator. 

Let’s take back what the current corrupt system stole from all of us sovereigns. 

We have this right to claim what is rightfully and lawfully ours. 

Join the Monetary Committee and build a better monetary system for all sovereigns today and for all future generations. 

Become the change sovereigns and walk away from this fiat corrupt system. 

Together we can change the world into a fair, just and accountable monetary system. 

Sovereign Forever

Imagine that!


Monetary Committee.

Our heritage goes back to the 1790 in Prairie Republic.  The tribe is the Newowiyah and adopted by the Nipseekophasis and renamed, Saygestiguan.  In 2007 we started the Alberta Monetary Authority with a desire to create a system for local currency.  We came to the conclusion that the system is rigged, and we had to walk away from this corrupt system, this meant to create a backed currency with local resources and labour.  We have created a monetary system that is beneficial to all the sovereigns in the form of Made Beaver.  Our goal and vision for the Prairie Republic’s sovereigns is to build an economic engine that stands alone and benefits all sovereigns.  Our intentions is to bring prosperity and abundance to all sovereigns and put the full authority back to the sovereigns.  Get involved, be the change.  We all have unique abilities to bring to the economic engine.  By coming together we decentralize the fiat Canadian Dollar and build up our own communities.  Walk away from this corrupt system, join the future and build the greatest economic engine together.




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