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Court of Ages, clearly and simply showing the differences between common law and Natural Sovereign Law.

Many people think going back to common law in the courts is the solution to our current problem in the corporate court arena.

However, when you note the differences between common law and Natural Sovereign Law, you will see that Natural Sovereign Law strips
the hierarchies out of the system down to the immeasurable power behind it: the Sovereigns.

Common Law

A form of private law that governs relationships between individuals inclusive of Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, and Civil Law (labor law,
commercial law, corporate law).

Based on precedent 1886 ruled that corporations are considered “artificial persons.” having the same rights as human (prior decisions
of formal courts and judges); past time-space.

Hierarchical (judges are deemed authority figures). “Judges are appointed (selected) by politicians”.

Judges are holders of an office as a career and are often viewed as politicians.

Lower courts are subject to higher court decisions. State or federal judges often rule on cases from outside their own community.
A court is a permanent institution set up and operated by the government.

Natural Sovereign Law

Governs all life; is determined by nature and thus, universal.

Based on Sovereigns sensibilities in present time.

Non-hierarchical (Adjudicators carry no real authority).

Adjudicators are to serve on a case-by-case basis and agreed upon by both parties in a dispute.

Resolution remains in the local community. Adjudicators are respected community members.

A court is a group of community members who come together for the express purpose of assisting in resolving a dispute. Members of the court are selected by the community and agreed upon by both parties in the dispute; members are only for the duration of the particular case for which they are assembled.

Common-Law Grand Jury versus Natural Sovereign Law Grand Jury:

Here are the differences between:

Common Law Grand Jury

All grand juries abide by a same set of prescribed rules.

Jurors must agree to prescribe to written laws or decrees such as the Outdated Magna Carta (1215 A.D.) or De-Facto Bill of Rights.

There is 23 – 25 jurors.

Jurors are required to swear or promise to uphold the grand jury rules. (Swear an oath to the queen “Not to the Sovereigns”)

All decisions are made by majority vote.

No decision of a grand jury is reviewable in any court of the government.

Jurisdiction includes any government transgression, breaking of articles of peace or security, and anyone abused by the government.

Grand juries investigate potential crimes and come to a decision to indict or not indict by issuing a “true bill” or “no true bill.”

Grand jury decisions stand as law.

Natural Sovereign Law Grand Jury

Grand jury guidelines may vary according to the requirements of each community (community based).

Jurors are required to verbally affirm to execute their duties honorably.

There should be 12 jurors.

Decisions are made by unanimous vote.

Grand jury decisions are final.

Jurisdiction is whatever the parties in dispute decide upon.

Grand juries investigate evidence of crimes and come to a verdict and the sentence to the crime.

Grand jury decisions stand as Natural Sovereign Law



  1. elizabeth seewalt

    Six years ago I was asked a question “Did you know that Canada is not a county?” I was shocked and surprised and once again I had to prove this sovereign he was wrong and away I went to research this question, this is what I found. Canada is a corporation listed in the District of Columbia and that we have been lied to all of our lives. Here is the corporate number go see for yourself:


    This discovery led me to other sovereigns who knew this fact and I was asked by this same Sovereign “Does Canada have a constitution?” This led me to research this question down the rabbit hole I went. You see if we are not a country but a corporation and a corporation cannot have a constitution they have charters this knowledge led me to find the actual constitution. When I went to Ottawa and asked to see the constitution I was denied access to it they told me they have it locked up, I found that very strange. This BNA ACT I needed to know more about and so I set out once again to prove there was a legit constitution. The BNA ACT led me to the Magna Carta upon which I found in the archives of England is a dead document and that the British North American Act was based on the Magna Carta and if the Magna Carta is a Dead document and the BNA Act is also a dead document which I found that in the archives of England, then how can Pierre Trudeau in 1982 resurrect the constitution IF THE BNA Act IS a dead document?

    This revelation led to more investigations and more research I found this book written by Roger Smith “HO CANADA” please contact me and I will send it to you I have it in PDF..

    [email protected]

    After reading this book I then realized that Lyon King MacKenzie was a fraud and had forged the Kings signature and forged Patten letters to form the government we have today. This information led me to another document written by another MP Walter Kuhl about the constitutional crisis and confederation crises, here is the link to listen to that letter: As Mr Kuhl stated “how can you divorce if you have never been married” he was referencing to confederation of the provinces which he made very clear we are all separate nations, Republics if we choose.

    This information led me to another documented the Court Case of the MP Littlechild and in this case I realized the corruption of our Legal system and if you want to read this case I can send it to you. This MP got voted into office because he promised the sovereigns of Wetaskiwin NO GST, he lied, they took him to court, the judge informed the sovereigns of Westaskiwin you have no rights in this court and Mr. Littlechild is not accountable in this court. Yes we have no rights the charter of rights protects the employees of the corporation. Yes we have no laws we have criminal codes which they create without our say and these codes/laws do not protect us soverigns. Our corrupt system is build on 5 pillars, common law, civil law, admiralty law, bar law, and defending these pillars is our atorns/lawyers yes they designed this way to enslave us all. We have no rights, we have no laws to protect us. Time to change the system, Time to walk away and build an accountable system.

    [email protected]

    Here I decide that MPs are all corrupt and I stop Voting it goes nowhere.

    At this point I will summarize my findings, I have now discovered Canada is a corporation, has no constitution, has never confederated, and has no laws but criminal codes that this government has created and named it admiralty law. When realizing these truths and living a lie My good friend called me and invited me to a group that they were talking of drafting a constitution and yes I was in on this for sure.

    We are meeting every day in a zoom room researching constitutions of all over the world, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany has no constitution, Australia has 2 constitutions, USA is a corporation, and we read them all and began drafting a constitution for the sovereigns by the sovereigns of the sovereigns. The first year was research and wording we all knew that this is written by grass roots sovereigns, no politicians, no lawyers, no legalees, no one working for the corporation, we all knew this by the research we all had completed and so we began drafting there were about 100 sovereigns in total over 2 years of drafting, THIS IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION.

    The first year was hectic, lots of arguing everyone wanted a say, egos rose, egos failed and yes infiltrators from all over wanting to stop the idea, defending the corrupt system mostly out of fear, we began by writing words simple enough for a 10 year old child to comprehend.

    Part 1 We began with Sovereignty and we defined Sovereignty.

    We the sovereigns are above the constitution, our creator is the only one above us sovereigns and our sovereignty is protected by Natural Law.

    Part 2 Unalienable Rights.

    It is our Unalienable Right to be sovereign and to be sovereign is to have unalienable rights which is protected by Natural Law.

    Part 3 NO INCOME TAX

    Our Creator gave us sovereigns unalienable rights and with these unalienable rights we as being sovereign do not pay income tax or any usury, this goes against our unalienable rights and our sovereignty. No sovereign is EVER TO BE TAXED FOR THEIR LABOUR. Taxing and usury violate Natural Law.

    Part 4 Spiritual Beliefs

    this is our unalienable right to have spiritual beliefs and Natural Law protects these unalienable rights as long as your spiritual beliefs do not harm, or cause loss or fraud another sovereign. Natural Law supports and protects all spiritual beliefs. It is our unalienable right to spiritual beliefs.

    Part 5 Freedom Of Speech

    Sovereigns freedoms are protected and defended in Natural Law. It is our unalienable right to all freedoms be it speech, assemblies, spiritual beliefs, writing, painting, drawing, speaking, ect. this is our unalienable right given to us by the Creator and Protected by Natural Law.

    Part 6 Right to Bear Arms

    This is our unalienable right to have a firearm, to carry a firearm, if we so choose and Natural Law Protects these rights and defends these rights.

    Part 7 Treason

    Violates Natural Law and any sovereign involved in going against the constitution or against the sovereigns is treasonous and will be held accountable in a Natural Law Grand Jury. The “Charter of rights” is treasonous to us the sovereigns I choose this as an example of treason.

    Part 8 Decision/Hiring Stations

    These voting stations is where all the sovereigns come to have a say in everything in the Republic, whether it is hiring an administrator, or selling a resource to another nation, this is where they come to read and comprehend the deals being made by the administrators that are hired by the sovereigns. The creator gave us the unalienable right to decide our own future, like hiring our own administrators, to sell our own resources, to build an accountable system in natural law. We all have a say, all administrators work for us, we hold them all accountable for this is an accountable system. The Constitution is protected by Natural Law for any amendments to the constitution has to have 100% vote a unanimous vote of the sovereigns NOT MAJORITY.

    Here is the Constitution the 8 parts. The Articles are from 1-81 and in these articles is information on how to structure your infrastructure based on the constitution and natural law.

    The Prairie Republic is building a complete accountable system with the constitution and natural law. We are building committees to replace the corrupt government and implement natural law court system to hold them all accountable for their treasonous actions. We ask that you join and become involved to build an accountable system where we the sovereigns have all the say and full authority

    .I wrote a poem about our True Republic Constitution with Natural Sovereign Law.



  2. elizabeth seewalt

    oh the greatness of natural law wonderful law given to us by the creator
    common law is man made and useless
    we love natural law the law of the land
    the law of nature
    the law of the universe and multiverse
    wonderful creators law

  3. Natural Law:
    Question 1. What natural laws will be needed in order to promote Justice in the Prairie Republic?
    Answer: 3 laws needed are :
    a. No Loss
    b. No Fraud
    c. No Harm

    What Natural Law will be needed to promote Fairness in the Prairie Republic?
    Answer: The law of remedy of equal value to loss! The injured party has final voice.

    Question 3: What Natural law will be needed to promote Truth in the Prairie Republic?
    Answer: The law of do no Fraud!

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