prairie republic constitution *

Article (59)

Peace Officer(s) of the Prairie Republic

The Prairie Republic Peace officers serve and protect the Sovereigns, keep Natural Sovereign Law and order on behalf of the Prairie Republic Sovereigns. The County Administrators review and scrutinize the Peace Officers and the Sheriffs.

1) The Prairie Republic Peace Officers affirm an affirmation of office to protect and preserve the Sovereignty first and foremost of all The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic.


“I do solemnly promise and declare that I will maintain the Constitution of the Prairie Republic and uphold its Natural Sovereign Laws, the laws of the land, that I will fulfill my duties faithfully and in accordance with the constitution and the Natural Sovereign Laws, and that my aspirations and capabilities is to the service and welfare of the Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic, as well as to my immediate self and family.”

2) Any Peace officer found guilty of an offense under the Natural Sovereign Law(s) of the Prairie Republic is charged with breach of contract. This adds a set of charges for breaking their affirmation of the office.

Article (60)

The Right of Self-Defense

The right of Self Defense is the right for a Sovereign to use reasonable force or defensive force to defend one’s own life or the lives of others, not limited to, in certain circumstances, the use of deadly force.

1) In the case where a Sovereign is confronted or startled by an intruder and threatens their family, home property, or place of business, lethal force is lawful.

a) If a Sovereign is in a panic situation, harm, or ends the life of another sovereign in self-defence, the Sovereign has the right to defend his actions.

b) Physical Confrontation. If a Sovereign is being held hostage by another sovereign, the Sovereign has the right to use deadly force against the abductor.

2) The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic have the right to live without fear or harm from intruders and technology or any other threat.

a) Technology, inventions, and tech communications is not lawful in the Prairie Republic if deemed harmful to the Sovereigns.

b) Example 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile technology, which is harmful.

c) Example synthetic biological technology as in injectables that have the intent of genetically modifying a sovereign into a machine entity, which is harmful to living a natural life.

3) Sovereign parents have full responsibility and authority to raise, teach, and discipline their children, so long as it does not harm them.

a) The exploitation of children is prohibited and enforced by Natural Sovereign Law in the Prairie Republic.

b) Restrictions are enforced on Media that attempt to exploit or target children in any way that lessens the boundaries between childhood and adulthood.

Article (61)

Institution and Service Buildings

The Prairie Republic maintains all its current institutions and services that serve the Prairie Republic Sovereigns. The Prairie Republic is regulating and revising all other relevant institutions currently working in the Prairie Republic.

1) Health Centers (not limited to mental health)

2) Ambulance

3) Fire Department

4) Integration Centers

5) Military Rehabilitation Centers

6) Broadcasting

a) Telecommunication

b) Internet Service Provider

c) Media (refer to media laws)

7) Trust Funds

8) Art, Film, Music

9) Electoral Commission


a) An official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against a company or organization, especially a public authority.

Article (62)

Emergency Medical Services – Health Centres

1) Ambulance

2) Emergency Services


Article (63)

Fire Department Completed

Article (64)

Freedom of Speech

All Sovereigns are guaranteed liberty to exercise freedom of speech, opinion, the press, peaceful assembly, and protest. Freedom to choose by transparent ballot, the right to petition and or criticize the Administration and to obtain detailed information on its policies. Defamation, slander, and incitement to hatred laws are all subject to Sovereign Natural Law.

Article (65)

Print Media – Broadcast Media – social media and Free Speech

1) Every Sovereign has the right to know the truth about what is going on in their Nation and worldwide.

2) Controlled Media is prohibited by Natural Sovereign Law.

a) Fake Media comprises any Individual, and all that involved in any form from creating to false distribution information are held to the highest degree under Natural Sovereign Laws.

3) Controlled Propaganda, bias, and disinformation media outlets are prosecuted to the full extent of Natural Sovereign Law.

4) Present mainstream media that do not follow the freedom of speech guidelines and the right to know the truth are removed from the Prairie Republic mainstream media outlets.

5) Social media right now provide a great convenience for terrorists to gather their people and gain their financial support, which causes greater danger to the Sovereigns. The Prairie Republic prevents these potential threats by eliminating this kind of social media.

a) Monitoring Committee is established to monitor social media and reduce this possibility to a great extent.

6) Pivotal Pros and Cons of Media Censorship.

a) This is an exploitable way to damage the Sovereigns of a Nation.

b) It violates Unalienable Rights.

c) Freedom of speech and press is implemented for a reason.

d) An excessive amount of media censorship can infringe on the fundamental rights of the Sovereigns.

Article (66)

Recreational Sports

The Prairie Republic have full independence in all sports and other recognized competitions, not limited to international events.

1) Sovereigns are not under any obligation to finance any events or competitions; these activities are financed by those involved.