prairie republic constitution *

Article (13)

Territorial borders of the Prairie Republic

Physically, the Prairie Republic is the existing territorial borders of the Prairie Republic, its earth, water, and skies.

The Prairie Republic Sovereignty Test of Allegiance and Pledge of Loyalty must protect the Prairie Republic, its Sovereigns, natural resources (lands, rare earth, mines, minerals, airspace, waters) property, and its shared common values. The Prairie Republic sovereignty is automatically and officially handed to any sovereign permanently and lawfully living within the Prairie Republic when the new Sovereign Prairie Republic officially commences. Any children born hereafter is automatically Sovereign in the Prairie Republic only if both parents are lawful Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic. Otherwise, all other lawful guidelines apply.

Article (14)

Sovereign Birthright and Entitlement

It is the birthright and entitlement of every Sovereign born in the Prairie Republic, which contains all Resources, all land, rare earth and minerals, all water, air, and airspace to be part of the Prairie Republic. It is also the entitlement of all other Sovereigns that are qualified and or accepted by the Prairie Republic Natural Sovereign Law(s) and the Constitution to be Sovereigns in the present and the future.

Article (15)

Any Sovereign, wherever they are in the world, with only one (1) parent born in the Prairie Republic, are allowed to apply to the Prairie Republic and must pass all lawful and Sovereignty test. In the case of having Prairie Republic grandparent(s), the same apply with proof of income generation and or work and a basic lawful and Sovereignty test. All lawful and Sovereignty tests are in the official language of Common English established by the Prairie Republic Sovereigns. Applicants are responsible for their education for the knowledge needed to write this exam.

The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic are allowed to have Dual Sovereignty.

Article (16)

Liberation from Canada Corporation Process:

The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic are liberating themselves from the BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ACT by forming THE PRAIRIE REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION and ADMINISTRATION.

1) During the transition time, the Prairie Republic Administration carry out its commitment to ensuring full Sovereignty for the Prairie Republic Sovereigns by all administration bodies and economic means, as is in the Prairie Republic Constitution.

2) The National Treasury of the Prairie Republic will not need to create any money within this period (although it still has the ability to do so). If no gradual transfer agreement is made between the Private Banking Cartel and the Prairie Republic Administration, then the Prairie Republic National Treasury is instructed to create the full annual budget needed for the Prairie Republic.

Article (17)

Devolved Canada Corporation

Existing laws (criminal code, acts, and statutes) already implemented in the Saskatchewan/Alberta (Prairie Republic) Corporation through the devolved Canada Corporation, British North America (BNA) ACT, and the Government are reviewed and revised before being adopted or implemented into a fully independent Sovereign Prairie Republic Administration.

(As copied from court document):

Therefore, this is indisputable proof, prima facie evidence (UCC 1-202), and positive facts that: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten MISNOMER: QUEEN ELIZABETH II /HER MAJESTY /REGINA has not been Queen and has never been Queen; she has never had authority, Sovereignty, or divine right. The Legal maximis frausest, celarefraudem and fraduemvoidemcontractus ab initio. No one in Canada (sic); the British Commonwealth or the United States (a colony of Great Britain), or any other realm fraudulently claimed by Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten MISNOMER: QUEEN ELIZABETH II /HERMAJESTY /REGINA has to listen to her or any of her agents, they have no authority over the people. All actions by her and her agents are genocide,

apartheid, crimes against humanity, rape, fraud, commercial fraud without scienter, trafficking in Human Cargo actions.

Section 35 of the Canada Constitution act. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten MISNOMER: QUEEN ELIZABETH II /HERMAJESTY /REGINA her agents, heirs, assigns, and representatives do not have any authority in this matter. Further, it is a known fact in accord with Canada (sic) Oceans act and the Interpretations act that Canada (sic) is 12 miles square including the navigable waters – thus further proving, the court has no legal nor lawful venue, there is no venue on the land and Canada as a registered corporation in Washington D.C. has been exported to the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean.