prairie republic constitution *

Article (39)


All revenues generated by the Prairie Republic Administrators, from whatever source, will subject to such exception as may be provided by Natural Sovereign law, form one fund and are used for administration purposes and be accountable to the Sovereigns.

The Prairie Republic is a full and comprehensive Republic, with an Executive Administration, Judiciary, and Treasury with full powers in all areas as part of the Administration as authorized by the Prairie Republic Sovereigns.

1) The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic manage the Nation with Public Administrators who are directly accountable to the Sovereigns.

2) Public Administrators manage the affairs and are the employees of the Sovereigns.

3) Any Sovereign(s) with experience, skills, and are standing honorably in the community are allowed to become an Administrator if they are a lawful Sovereign of the Prairie Republic. Every administrator is held accountable from the first day employed and through their contract while employed (Constitutional Natural Sovereign Law).

4) Every Employee may be dismissed from the duty at any time if they are deemed to be unfit or breaching their contract obligations.

5) All Administrators must be free of any significant conflicting and or vested interests, sign and recite the affirmation of office to the Prairie Republic, its Sovereigns, Constitution, and Natural Sovereign Laws before they can apply for the position of Administration.

6) Any Administrator; National, Regional or County, may be terminated by members of the Non-Partisan Committee if a definitive proof is produced showing he or she to be deliberately not upholding the Prairie Republic Constitution. Trying to instigate an unlawful attack of any kind or trying to alter the Prairie Republic Constitution is considered an act of treason.


“I do solemnly promise and declare that I will maintain the Constitution of the Prairie Republic and uphold its Natural Sovereign Laws, the laws of the land, that I will fulfill my duties faithfully and in accordance with the Prairie Republic Constitution and Natural Sovereign Laws, that my aspirations and capabilities is to the service and welfare of the Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic, as well as to my immediate self and family.”

Article (40)

The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic always have the final decisions on all matters.

Under the Prairie Republic Constitution, the Administration is ensured by Natural Sovereign Law(s) the power must reside at the local level then upwards for checks and balances to stop all corruption.


1) National Administrators report back to Regional Administrators, who report to County Administrators, who report to the Sovereign Committee, who then report to the Sovereigns themselves.

a) County Administrator; responsible for City, Town, and county perimeter.

b) Regional Administrator; responsible for their specific region.

c) Nation Administrator; responsible for the Prairie Republic Nation.

Article (41)

Prairie Republic Nation Administrators are responsible for:

1) Republic Treasury of Prairie Republic: Funds to be supplied (bills and coins).

2) Responsible to Declare War for Self-Defense – At NO time at all, can they decide war on another Nation without consultation to the Administrative Process.

3) Responsible to Ensure Military, Armed Forces, and Air Defense are maintained.

4) Responsible for negotiating treaties with Foreign Sovereign Nations.

5) Regulate commerce between the Prairie Republic and International Trade.

6) Establish and maintain post offices and issue postage.

7) Enforce Natural Sovereign Laws.

8) Enforce the Constitution of the Prairie Republic.

9) Chartering Public Funds and Management of Business affairs for the Sovereigns.

10)The Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic always have the final decisions on all matters.

11) Setting up courts through the Prairie Republic dual court system: Adjudicator and Grand-Jury.

a) Adjudicator

b) Grand-Jury

Article (42)

Prairie Republic Regional Administrators are responsible for:

1) Training required to Qualify for safety and basic education.

a) The Administration is not to be involved in any personal and private relationships (for example, marriage).

b) If you engage in your rights without training and cause harm, you are not covered by any insurance; you are entirely liable (accountable).

2) Regulate intrastate commerce (within the region).

3) Employment (Hire and terminate employees).

4) Ratify amendments to Bills\Legislation on behalf of the Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic.

a) All amendments must be approved by the Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic by a seventy-five percent (75%) vote.

5) Ensure Public Health and Safety based on Natural Sovereign Law