prairie republic constitution *

Article (20)

The Prairie Republic Trade and Financial Administration

As a Sovereign Independent Nation, the Prairie Republic seeks to carve out our place worldwide and manage complex trade relationships.

The Prairie Republic always considers and discusses the contracts and regulations with all Nations with the Prairie Republic Sovereigns consent, with open debate.

Article (21)

The Prairie Republic accepts and recognizes other Lawful Sovereign Nations.

Article (22)

The Prairie Republic and Administrators are, on its part, serve the Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic, by protecting all the resources, lands, waters, air, and airspace. Protect and supply the Prairie Republics energy, food, and water resources. The Sovereigns rights and all other rights are written in this Constitution. The Prairie Republic are offering healthcare and education to its Sovereigns (Prairie Republics wealth of natural resources used for basic life requirements) and assistance to those in real need. Higher education and training should always be provided to all the Prairie Republic Sovereigns when possible.

1) Detail information provided on the Prairie Republics wealth to fund Health Care and Education (are used to offset the costs).

Article (23)

Education in the Prairie Republic

The Prairie Republic is responsible to teach the real history of our Nation and the true history of the world to our children and all educational systems in a comprehensive, balanced, and transparent way. The Prairie Republics history, as well as Native History, is taught in all curriculums. A nation that does not fully grasp its rich heritage and past shows negligence from the current provincial system.

Life and culture are celebrated with the Prairie Republic educational curriculum, which is an AUTHENTIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.

Authentic learning refers to a wide variety of educational and instructional techniques focused on connecting what students are taught in the Learning Center to comprehend real-world issues, problems, and applications.

1) Natural Sovereign Law Education

2) Rights of Sovereignty – Constitution – Unalienable Rights

3) Education in Development Skills:

a) Mathematics

b) English

c) Reading and Writing (Cursive Handwriting)

d) Social Studies

e) Computer Science

f) Sciences

4) Education in Basic Trades:

a) Mechanics

b) Carpentry

c) Welding

d) Woodworking

e) Electrical

f) Plumbing

5) Basic Life Skills:

a) Home Economics (Cooking and household skills)

b) Health Awareness (Parental Approval needed)

c) Horticulture

d) Financial economics

e) Survival Skills

f) Herd Health (Animals)

g) Firearms Training

h) Martial Arts (self-defence, discipline)

6) Arts and Entertainment

7) Creative and Innovative Healing Tech Specialty Seminars, which would provide information on technology/products for the enhancement and wellbeing of the nation in the Prairie Republic for all to learn and experience a vast array of innovative, regenerative, and healing technologies, services, products, health fairs/expo’s

a) Medical advances

b) Regenerative Building Techniques Products

c) Advances in Textiles

d) Regenerative Farming Techniques

e) Regenerative Power Services

f) Water technology (structured water)

Article (24)

National Power Grid

The Prairie Republic are establishing a National Power Grid connecting all regions, which make sure the Prairie Republic becomes a self-sufficient and prosperous nation. This is achieved with proper control of its renewable energy and selling for a profit all excess to other nations now and in the future (renewable energies from water, land, and airspace).

The Prairie Republic and Administrators run and maintain the grid and the Prairie Republics main water reservoirs and water infrastructure and distribute all profits into the Prairie Republic and its Sovereigns (Prairie Republic Treasury Fund). The main railway lines and routes of the Prairie Republic are reopened and nationalized to join all parts of the Prairie Republic properly and efficiently. New routes are built where needed. The economic and national well-being and connectivity of the nation are of paramount importance.

Article (25)

Natural Resources

All the Prairie Republics natural resources, not limited to the land, rare earth, minerals, aerospace, water, and all forms of potential energy and all the royalties and said franchises within its borders, belong to the Prairie Republic Sovereigns.

All Natural resources (land, air, aerospace, mines, rare earth, minerals, and all waters) and Properties of the Prairie Republic, sold and controlled by the devolved Government of Canada Inc. and Commonwealth of Great Britain to foreign entities are returned to the Prairie Republic Sovereigns.

1) The Prairie Republic Administrators oversee Natural Resources and all Properties on behalf of the Sovereigns.

Article (26)

The Resource Management and Operations Branches for the Prairie Republic

All Branches are subject to oversight by a committee designated by a ¾ (75%) vote of the administrating body.

The Resource Management and Operations Directorate ensure that the Branch fulfills management and stewardship obligations concerning its Sovereigns and financial resources. Branch managers have the tools they need to manage their resources effectively.

1) Coal Branch

2) Oil and Petroleum Branch

3) Marine Branch

4) Forestry Branch

5) Mineral Exploration & Mining Branch

6) Agricultural and Horticultural Branch

7) Ranching (Livestock)

8) Fisheries Branch

Article (27)

Wildlife Branch

Responsibility comprises protection and management of migratory birds and nationally significant wildlife habitat, with responsibilities for endangered species, control of international trade in endangered species, research on wildlife issues of national importance.