prairie republic constitution *

The Articles are all about our Structuring of our Infrastructure.
These can be amended by a 75% Sovereign vote on in our Sovereign Committee Stations located in every District.)

The Articles from 1 – 81 are all about the structuring of the Prairie Republic Infrastructure.

Article (1)

This is the Constitution and structure for a Sovereign independent Prairie Republic

, meaning full national status and full Sovereignty for the Prairie Republic under a fully constitutional Republic system and a written constitution.

This is the first known Sovereign Prairie Republic Constitution in history.

1) The capital city of the Prairie Republic is Lloydminster.

Article (2)

The Sovereign Prairie Republic is a fully autonomous Sovereign Independent and Republic Nation.

The Prairie Republic Natural Sovereign Law upholds the preservation of life, liberty, property, and land of the Sovereigns, principles of no harm, no loss, and no fraud.

Ensuring that the Sovereigns are free from injury, damage, or theft of their bodies, their rights, and property.

1) It is the duty of all Sovereigns to protect the Constitution and the Unalienable Rights of each Sovereign against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

2) All forms of discrimination and persecution are opposed and answerable to the Prairie Republic Natural Sovereign Law(s) as described in the articles of Unalienable Rights.

The Prairie Republic nation has a natural, universal, and unalienable right to Sovereignty, to determine its relations with other nations, and to develop its life, political, economic, and culture, in accordance with its own needs and aspirations. This is the Constitution of the Sovereign Prairie Republic.

Article (3)

The Sovereign Prairie Republic will exist in the future within already established and territorial borders.

The Prairie Republic physically encompasses all earth, all water, all land, and all beds of navigable and non-navigable waters and all skies over all borders within the Prairie Republic and aerospace of 100 km (Karman Line).

Article (4)

The Sovereign Prairie Republic

negotiates freely and as an equal with other governments of other lands, nations and seek mutual understanding and cooperation with all other Nations and its Sovereigns.

Article (5)

All Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic are created equal.

No one Sovereign is the subject of another, nor is one set of Sovereigns deemed superior to another. Sovereignty belongs to the Prairie Republic Sovereigns, not to any government based in another nation, to any Crown, individual, or entity.

Article (6)

All Powers Derive from the Sovereigns

All powers of Administration: The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, derive from the Sovereigns of the Prairie Republic, whose right is to designate the Administrators of the Prairie Republic and in final appeal, to decide all questions of all aspects and significant national policy(s).

The powers of the Prairie Republic under Prairie Republic Sovereignty are reversible only by the authority of the organs established by this Constitution.

Article (7)

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

1) Sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity. In international law, Sovereignty is the exercise of power by a state.

2) Polity is the rule of the many for the common good. It is a constitutional form of the Prairie Republic where power belongs to all the Sovereigns.

Article (8)

The Prairie Republic Sovereigns officially claims all its territorial land, natural resources, air, airspace, waters, land-based rights and ownership, gold, silver, rare earth, and other minerals.

1) The Prairie Republic therefore officially claims all rights on fishing, mining, oil exploration, wind farms, all other renewables, non-renewable energies, and resources within the designated territorial waters and borders.

Article (9)

The Nation’s name is officially Prairie Republic.

Article (10)

The official flag of the Prairie Republic, which has yet to be determined, and must be flown on all Sovereign maintained buildings.

Article (11)

The official language of the Prairie Republic is Common English.

Article (12)

The Prairie Republic Independence Day

The Prairie Republic Independence Day is an official holiday for all sovereigns and is celebrated on the First Anniversary of Independence. When the Sovereign Prairie Republic has economic stability and viability, and when the Prairie Republics profit is over a certain amount each year, a Sovereigns profit share is paid equally to all Prairie Republic Sovereigns. These dividends can only be temporarily revoked in times of war.